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12 mm x 12 mm  square wrought iron ( pre designed )

16 mm x 16 mm square wrought iron ( pre designed )

minimum order quantity 20 ft container


Quality wrought iron panels. , Iron Gates Forged accessories, decorative rings , Circles and rings different diameters and sections of wrought iron. ,

Bars and wrought iron railings welding, Twists and tendrils of different diameters and sections of wrought iron, wrought iron bars pierced soldering, Pool barriers

Solid , hollow balls and knobs wrought iron welding quality, iron bar, plates and sealing caps , Decks or wrought iron sealing caps quality bars and handrails in wrought iron. Up to three meters long. Wrought iron friezes quality,

Custom cutting ability on demand and quality of wrought iron panels,


For contractors inside Egypt please review Arabic language

Artistic wrought Iron components special offers for a limited time : garden gates , window railing , fence panels artistic balconies railings suppliers rod iron gates and artistic railings components

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Artistic Wrought Iron Suppliers

Our artistic iron works supplies is a decorative parts used in artistic garden gates , ornamental iron fences and gates, artistic railings , artistic deck railings , artistic window railing , iron fence panels , artistic iron balconies railings suppliers , rod iron gates , artistic railings components supplies  . Also known as wrought iron , it is virtually weatherproof and makes an attractive building material. artistic iron components Home designers will often incorporate artistic iron furniture embellishments in the renovation of a vintage residence, both for security and for a look of refinement. When used as a decoration, artistic metal can make a stately and elegant statement about a homeowner’s taste., El degwi factory interior designers solver of many forging problems ,as a partner of crafts for competence and quality for over 17 years.

decorative iron window guards suppliers , window balconies railing and fence panels speak of an older, slower time. Real wrought iron is hand forged in an iron works shop, where the metal is heated and carefully formed into shape by a blacksmith. Each piece is a custom design and no two are exactly alike. artistic iron is both durable and functional, but the process of ornamental works is difficult and dangerous. Prices depend on the size of the piece, and the amount of embellishment required of the artistic iron components

artistic wrought iron is available in many styles, from artistic ironwork and garden gates , deck railings , balconies railings , fences , gates to window railing , fence panels , wrought iron components designs. ornamental iron works can be embellished with bars balusters .

Let us help you design a special ornamental products

Please contact us regarding your artistic ironwork gates parts , deck railings parts , artistic window railing , fences parts decorative or specialty pieces.

El degwi wholesale Artistic metal Suppliers & manufacturers supply artistic iron manufacturers and artistic iron railing parts Forger blacksmith with the highest quality wrought iron components and forgings at popular wholesale prices. Our steel forgings and custom designs are used in more ornamental  iron components sections .

 With one of the largest available artistic wrought iron parts manufacturers and forging lines in Egypt, el degwi supplies is the most dependable and progressive supplier to the Wholesale artistic iron supplies industry.

view our full line of ornamental iron gates and fences parts and artistic iron panels suppliers , fence panels forgings and read about special offers on line . Our expert staff can handle any inquiry from artistic iron works general interest questions, to custom wrought iron designs needing exact industry specifications. We can also assist with design ideas and layouts, as well as any special orders you might need.

We are Egyptian artistic iron manufacturers export worldwide artistic iron parts wholesale , artistic deck railings parts , artistic iron gates , furniture supply , artistic wrought iron fences , ornamental iron components , balconies railings , artistic iron suppliers , Wholesale artistic metal supplies custom wrought iron designs iron furniture parts

supply artistic ornamental iron Suppliers  for exporters Wholesale artistic iron supplies ,  wrought iron parts suppliers and wholesalers manufacturers


overseas Special Savings on Ornamental Iron export offer

mixed items from : wrought iron belly balusters ,classic bars , modern balustrades panels ,all categories catalogues & custom order

Artistic wrought iron manufacturers & suppliers of artistic iron works supplies , decorative iron window guards suppliers , iron window balconies , artistic iron gates fences supplies wholesale w  fencing special offers sale price for wholesalers and distributors

Artistic iron components manufacturers & suppliers

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